Artist's Statement - Water, Stone, and Cloud

The works in this exhibition were derived from a number of disparate ideas I had been exploring for some time, without any particular thought of a focused exhibition. As I collected various photographs and other material, a pattern began to emerge and I noticed that rather than the urban world which had been my major preoccupation, these newer images explored the landscape beyond the city.

Traces of human activity were still evident, but they now seemed to play a more peripheral role: a distant motor boat, a breakwater, a quiet country road, all were surrounded by the forces of nature whether expressed through clouds and other atmospheric conditions, through the presence of various landforms or through the ever-shifting surface of a lake.

This is also the first exhibition in which I have so thoroughly explored the use of photography to collect the images. In similar fashion to my previous work with the urban landscape I have tried to find unique configurations that would reveal some essence, some relationship whose components created a quality that captured my attention and sustained it upon repeated viewing.